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My ‘family’ do not have a cooker so we made a chocolate microwave cake together. I read out the instructions and encouraged my ‘Mum’ to make a start. She turned to me and asked quite genuinely, “How do I crack an egg?” Insights such as this make me appreciate just how much our families need a helping hand! So who taught me to crack an egg?

When I thought about it I couldn’t come up with an answer straight away, then the realization dawned that probably no one had actually shown me, but through the hours spent alongside my own Mum I just knew intuitively. This week my ‘Mum’ asked, “How do you make scrambled eggs, the nursery says my son likes them?” Such a small ask, but something which potentially can make such a difference.

I have been fortunate and any fears I harboured at the start have been unfounded. I get on well with my ‘family’ and enjoy the time we spend together. I feel a great sense of satisfaction, yet have learnt to be realistic and not expect massive change overnight. I am rewarded with new relationships, thanks and gratitude and the pleasure and joy that come with spending time with young children. The highlight for me, walking towards my ‘family’s’ house and hearing the little one at the door calling my name excitedly over and over, as if I am a long lost loved one!