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Have you got some skills, experience and time you can offer Home-Start Northampton?

Home-Start Northampton believes in Board diversity, which means having a mix of people on our Board who have the relevant skills, knowledge, lived and learned experience and background to do the job well and that the mix is representative of the community we serve and society as a whole.  We support vulnerable families in Northampton who have at least one child under 5.

There are no formal qualifications or levels of experience that you have to gain before you join a charity board and you don’t need to wait to be asked.

The most important attribute is passion. 

Become a Trustee and give back to your community

As a Trustee, you can donate your skills, time and attention to a cause you love.  Trustees are often drawn to a charity because they’re passionate about a particular cause, whether that’s something they’re interested in or something they’ve experienced themselves.

Becoming a Trustee could boost your career

Trustees are exposed to a wide range of skills needed to oversea a charity: strategy and business planning, governance, HR, finance, marketing, fundraising, evaluation, property law and more.  It can be an effective way to build your skills and your CV.

What does a Trustee do?

Trustees of charity boards are the final decision-makers

They have oversight of all the charity’s decisions and set the charity’s direction

Trustees offer the executive strategy, scrutiny and support

Come on – get in touch, become a Trustee and share your skills, knowledge and experience.  Everyone has something unique to offer a charity.  Start giving something back, it is incredibly rewarding – we’d love to hear from you: 

 E-mail:                admin@homestart-northampton.org.uk

Tel:                          01604 627692